Energy System Consulting

Our goal is to contribute to the energy transition throughthe construction of energy systems from renewable sources.

Every day we work on the growth of the renewables sector throughtechnological innovation, improving the performance of existing plants with revamping and repowering activities and the development of new energy production plants.

Our founding values ​​are the pursuit of excellence and reliability.

Management of Energy Systems from Renewable Sources

An important role in the managementof energy systems from large-scale renewable sourcesmanaging a power of approximately 500 MW.

Management of relationships with financiers: control and management of disbursement conditions.

Checkprogress and management of related payments.

Management of technical-commercial relationships with suppliers and third parties

Analysis of plant performance and processing of technical reports

Coordination of Operation & Maintenance activities

Report to the competent bodies (Municipality, Customs Agency, GSE, Network Manager, other bodies) of any modification to the systems (revamping or repowering)

Management of obligations with the bodies that issued the authorization

Management of safety obligations

Energy Systems from Renewable Sources
Energy Systems from Renewable Sources
Energy Systems from Renewable Sources
Energy Systems from Renewable Sources

a power of approximately 500 MW is managed

Management of communications with the GSE

interventions carried out on incentivized systems

replacements of system components

fuel mix


changes in trade regimes

GSE documentary analysis relating to incentivized plants

verification of the correspondence between the information transmitted to the GSE and the actual state of the plant

verify the validity of the authorization process

communication of rectification of any errors and anomalies found

Verification of revenues deriving from incentives in the Energy Account

Verification of the valorisation of the energy injected into the network

Management of practices with the network manager

connection questions

verification of interface protection calibrations

checking the electrical earthing system

regulatory adjustments

Legal Representative change practices

Requirements with the Customs Agency

consumption declarations

operating license

compilation of production registers

measurement group calibrations

Compliance with ARERA

annual survey

Arera contribution


Management of commercial relations with Terna

Management of plant components

creation of databases containing the serial numbers of photovoltaic modules, inverters and production meters of each system

comparison between the lists of components installed in the field and the lists on the GSE portal

SIAD practices for replacing system components

checks the 5th Energy Account requirements of the new components

disposal practices:

transport document control

checking declaration of WEEE delivery

control of waste identification forms

checking certificates of successful disposal


Energy System Consulting


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