Energy System Consulting

Our goal is to contribute to the energy transition through theconstruction of energy systems from renewable sources.

Every day we work on the growth of the renewables sector throughtechnological innovation, improving the performance of existing plants with revamping and repowering activities and the development of new energy production plants.

Our founding values ​​are the pursuit of excellence and reliability.

GSE inspections

The GSE, as manager of the incentive mechanisms for electricity production plantsfrom renewable sources, verifies the existence of the requirementsfor the recognition or maintenance of incentives through documentary checks and inspections.

For plants that are not in compliance there is the risk of suspension or even revocation of state incentives.

E.S.C. offers a consultancy service before, during and after the aforementioned checks with the aim of identifying the most appropriate solutions for maintaining state incentivesin the event that discrepancies are detected with respect to what was previouslytransmitted to the GSE.


Energy System Consulting


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