Energy System Consulting

Our goal is to contribute to the energy transition throughthe construction of energy systems from renewable sources.

Every day we work on the growth of the renewables sector throughtechnological innovation, improving the performance of existing plantswith revamping and repowering activities and the development of newenergy production plants.

Our founding values ​​are the pursuit of excellence and reliability.

Storage Systems

The storage systems installed downstream of an energy production plant from renewable sources allow to:

encourage the dispatching of electricity during the hours in which market prices are more favourable, with a consequent increase in revenues from energy sales

recover the energy produced and not fed into the grid in the event of disconnection of the system;

reduce dispatching costs;

access the dispatching market through: Demand Response, UVAM, Fast Reserve;

regulate the network frequency ensuring the balance between the power supplied and the power requested by the network;

satisfy peaks in demand through the energy accumulated during the hours of greatest production of renewable source plants;

encourage greater development of renewable energy sources: by coupling a renewable source system with a storage system, the variability of the power supplied to the point of connection to the grid is reduced, thus better facilitating the integration of renewables;

allow restoration services of generation plants in the event of network failure;

reduce the use of diesel with consequent reduction CO2 emissionsand primary pollutants.


Energy System Consulting


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